It’s time to celebrate a WIN for LIFE!

It’s time to celebrate!
Our First Known Cincinnati
Sidewalk Advocacy Birthday!

A beautiful baby girl was born several weeks ago and we are inviting you to help us celebrate while supporting mom in her decision to choose life. BABY SHOWER LINK

Here is some of the story, enough to share what a miracle this is!

This past November a Cincinnati Right to Life trained Sidewalk Advocate met a mom at the Planned Parenthood gate in Clifton. As the young mom’s boyfriend was driving in for the abortion appointment, they stopped to receive a gift bag provided by the smiling and praying advocate.

Only a few quick words were exchanged, but in the bag were several gifts, pregnancy help information, and a personal note from Sara, the advocate.

Sara shared a mobile number for texting with a note that said, “You are not alone.” The pregnant mom read the note in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood before she entered the facility. She shared later with Sara that this was a sign from God. The mom’s second “sign from God” was finding out in Planned Parenthood that she was too far along for a chemical, at-home abortion. The abortionist shared that the mom would have to come back for a surgical abortion.

In Sara, the advocate’s own words, “I did not know that she had left the clinic and decided not to have the abortion until a few weeks later, the mom sent me a text saying she was thankful for our encounter and had decided not to have the abortion. It turns out that she is from central Indiana and had to travel to Ohio because of Indiana’s strict abortion laws.” 

“We texted back and forth that day in November, but after that, when I would periodically check in on her, she would not respond. So when I heard from her in May (remember, I hadn’t heard from her since November) she sent me the best text I’ve ever received: a picture of her baby with baby’s name! It said her baby was such a blessing and thank you! Wow! I had had no idea if she had stuck with her decision to not have the abortion until then.”

Thank you Sara for your twice monthly volunteering! Thank you to ALL of our trained advocates! Sometimes God reveals the glory, and sometimes the Lord leaves the glories a secret. We know we are saving lives by God sharing this “win for life” with us all!

We are inviting the Cincinnati Right to Life community to help fulfill
Sara’s words to the moms she met,
“You are not alone!”
by participating in an on-line baby shower. 

This beautiful, brave mom is now being supported by her parents while the father of the baby has stepped out of the picture. The new mom was reluctant to allow us to celebrate with a shower, but Sara convinced the mom that our hearts were overflowing with joy and that she was helping us by allowing us to help her.

Thank you in advance Cincinnati Right to Life community-we care deeply about moms and babies and celebrate each victory!

So this is where we are…..

Cincinnati Right to Life friends and supporters, in less than a week we hit the seven-month mark of Article 1, Section 22 being part of Ohio’s Constitution.

  • We know that the Ohio abortion cartel is working hard to dismantle every safety regulation that pro-lifers in Ohio fought so hard for over so many years.
  • We know that the abortion businesses and advancers in Ohio are rebranding to make abortion seem less violent and less disgusting.
  • We know that on any given day, that 15-25% of the cars entering Planned Parenthood are from out of state. (We are keeping count.)
  • We know that Planned Parenthood has an agenda to expand the pre-born child slaughter in Clifton and has hired a new leader to grow abortion in Clifton.
  • We know that pro-life conversations and pro-life legislative efforts in Columbus are stalled while the killing of the pre-born in Ohio is increasing.

We know that our sidewalk advocacy and increased prayers in Clifton are making an impact for LIFE! Cincinnati Right to Life has trained over 120 Sidewalk Advocates to date, but we need more help. Our plan is to have law-abiding, peaceful advocates on the sidewalk every hour that Planned Parenthood is dismembering and decapitating babies.

Please join our team for LIFE, a once-a-month commitment helps. We are praying the Lord is calling you!