Greater Cincinnati Pro-Life Community: A Beacon of Hope and Support

2023 will go down as one of the most battle infested years in Ohio’s pro-life history. In the first days of January 2023 the expected Speaker of the House was not elected and in the next month the ballot language to enshrine late term abortion in Ohio’s Constitution was submitted by the abortion industry. The first quarter of 2023 alone reads like a culture of death soap opera.

We know how the 2023 story ended with the tragic election results on November 7. The months in between involved decline to sign, door-knocking, and another lawsuit all while witnessing so many in our state become duped by the lie-filled commercials, the press pushing the pro-killing-preborn-children narrative and soundbites of the rabid abortion drum beaters.

But there is beauty in 2023!

Hard work, round the clock prayer, devoted and tireless volunteers, generosity of time, talent, and treasure for those who TRULY believe every life is precious is where we witnessed just some of the beauty. The Southwest Ohio pro-life community engaged and exerted themselves in heroic fashion. We were faithful and we poured ourselves out for the culture of life. We poured ourselves out for each precious baby in the womb as well as their families. There were conversions, there were new people that joined the efforts to protect the preborn, there were truly miracles.

It is in this beauty that we begin 2024.
The battle for the pre-born still exists and we still need you.

  • We are in need of your timevolunteer with us! Assist us in engaging the community, assist us in fundraising, assist us with the 2024 election.
  • We are in need of your talent-CRTL has ideas and a grand plan for several new endeavors for 2024. We sincerely need those who may feel called at this time. We can find a place for your gifts.
  • We are in need of your treasure-we exist to be the voice for life in our community and beyond. We can only operate through the financial generosity of others. Because we battled 2 elections and emptied ourselves financially, we are in real need of funding to begin 2024. Our small staff and our humble office speak to the prudent and wise financial operations of our fifty-year-old apostolate for life in Southwest Ohio.
    We are ALWAYS grateful for God revealing Himself through your treasures.

And on this Feast of the Holy Innocents, please enjoy this 2009 writing from Mnsgr. Charles Pope. He perfectly explains WHY WE MUST KEEP WORKING TO END ABORTION.

Pondering Abortion on the Feast of the Holy Innocents

We know well that Holy Innocents continue to be killed in our world through abortion. The Feast of the Holy Innocents is an often over-looked feast on the Church’s Calendar coming is the busy week of the Christmas Octave. And yet there is something very astonishing and even dangerous to consider on this feast.

I’ll explain what I mean by dangerous in a moment. But for now consider some biblical facts with me.

  1. When God was drawing close to liberating his chosen people from slavery in Egypt there occurred the order to murder of the all the baby boys among the Hebrews. It is almost as though Satan sensed that God was up to something good and Satan raged through Pharaoh in murderous anger and fear. Thankfully the actual numbers were reduced since the Egyptian midwives engaged in civil disobedience, refusing to allow the practice to continue.
  2. At the time of Jesus, when God was preparing to liberate his People from sin, there also occured the murder of innocent baby boys. Here too it was almost as though the Devil sensed that God was up to something good and he once again raged, this time through Herod in murderous anger and fear. Thankfully too this infanticide also ended at some point.
  3. Notice the pattern. When God prepared a great liberation the Devil went after the babies. In our time, on a scale as never before, the Devil is going after our babies in murderous anger and fear. What is he afraid of? Is God planning something big in the near future? Is there a great liberation at hand? Is there a great advancement of evangelization and conversion in the offing? We can only speculate. But patterns are patterns and Scripture has a way of repeating its patterns and echoing down through the centuries.

Why is this a dangerous reflection? Because I want to make it clear that abortion, the killing of the innocents in our age, is NOT and never can be considered something good, or a “positive sign.” Such a speculation as this might cause some to wrongly conclude that abortion is part of God’s plan or something we should see “positively.” We should not. It must be fought. It is of Satan. I want to conclude by reminding you that the great liberation that followed the past infanticides did not occur until AFTER those murderous rages were stopped. Hence, to follow the pattern established in Scripture and to see a potentially great and liberating act of God we must first see an end to the slaughter. Work and pray to end abortion. May the Holy Innocents pray for us!