Good Friday in a post-Issue 1 Ohio

In Ohio, this is our first Good Friday with abortion enshrined in our state’s founding document. This is our first Good Friday where Ohio revised code contains the right for pre-born children to be executed by their mothers under the diabolical lie that abortion is “healthcare.” This is our first Good Friday after the poor souls who voted yes on Issue 1 either regret their vote or rejoice in the evil of their vote.

Just as what happened to Christ on Good Friday was a grave, evil injustice, what happens to women and babies–fathers too, from abortion decisions, is also a grave, evil, injustice. Just as the mob shouted, shamed, tortured, mocked, beat, and bloodied the Savior of the World, the mob does all those and more to the babies, women, and even to those who work in truth and love defending the most innocent among us, the pre-born.

The desolate qualities of the rites of this day reminds us of Christ’s humiliation and suffering during his Passion.
Let the desolation remind us too, of these poor,
innocent victims of abortion.

(countless dismembered babies are in these boxes)
Most especially in Ohio in a post-Issue 1 world.

Just as we grieve for Christ, we grieve for the pre-born babies executed by abortion. We grieve for their parents too. We grieve for our world that is fallen and confused.

While Christ’s disciples and His mother were not sure what would happen after the crucifixion, pro-lifers work with confidence and hope knowing the end of the story. Death is not the final say. Torture and dismemberment of the most innocent does not have victory over truth.

This is why we work and pray with absolute confidence and hope in our hearts. Christ has shown us He is victor. Christ has shown us He alone conquers sin and death.

Easter is coming, but for today, we pray and we reflect on the tragedy in Ohio and beyond.