February Begins Black History Month

In 2022 there were 8,001 abortions of black babies in Ohio and 7,685 white abortions. Only 14% of the women in Ohio are black, yet this population segment has the highest number of abortions. This is targeted and a form of genocide.

Cincinnati Right to Life’s 2023 Black History Month billboard

The number of black abortions in Hamilton County are even more disproportionate. Of the 1,816 pre-born babies killed by abortion in Hamilton County in 2022, almost three times the number of black babies were killed than white babies killed. Modern day racism on full display with the 1,145 black abortions compared to the 487 white abortions in Hamilton County. 64% of Hamilton County abortions were black babies. Genocide.

There have been trailblazers in history that have spoken out against abortion, and especially the genocide of the black population.

Who remembers Dr. Mildred Jefferson? From the Heritage Foundation: Dr. Jefferson was a bona fide pro-life icon. A brilliant, Black, Harvard-educated surgeon, she helped found the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization; her eloquent pro-life arguments and her irrepressible passion also inspired some of the biggest voices in the nation to speak up for the unborn.

In fact, in 1972, after seeing Jefferson on a national television interview, then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan credited her with his pro-life conversion. He wrote to her: “No other issue since I have been in office has caused me to do so much study and soul-searching. … You made it irrefutably clear that an abortion is the taking of human life. I’m grateful to you.”

That letter would mark the beginning of a frequent correspondence between Jefferson and the governor. Reagan would go on to be one of the most unapologetically pro-life presidents in American history.

Mildred Jefferson wasn’t just brilliant, she was also a trailblazer for women. She earned her bachelor’s degree in three years and was the first African American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School in 1951. She also became the first female surgeon at what was then the Boston University Medical Center.

Last February Cincinnati Right to Life installed truthful billboards that caused an uproar across the tri-state. Our phone rang with hated-filled calls. Our phone also rang with many post-abortive women expressing their deep wounds and regret from their past abortions. We were also told that in many neighborhoods, hateful debates about abortion ensued daily on social media platforms. We were called liars and haters. We were threatened.

Numbers don’t lie.  Planned Parenthood targets the black population and have from their beginning. They build their killing facilities in black neighborhoods intentionally. A young black mother is their ideal customer. They profit billions from slaughtering black pre-born babies. Where is the outrage? This is vile and disgusting. Our stomachs turn.

In 2023 our billboard company did not allow another strong billboard so we compromised and installed the billboard at the top of this email with the beautiful black baby. We hope it reaches hearts and minds and educates our community. Will as many tri-staters be as outraged?

In 2023 Cincinnati Right to Life depleted our extra funding resources on 2 elections (as you our dear supporters know!). We were called to try to prevent abortion from being enshrined in our Constitution. We tragically lost, so violent abortion is going strong on Auburn Avenue and we fear and shudder to think how many abortions will take place in 2024. As we stand on the sidewalk at the gates of hell (the gates of Planned Parenthood), we witness a constant stream of traffic. We weep and we pray, but we stay present helping one mom at a time.

If you feel called to support our billboard efforts, funding is as easy as a click away. We know these messages save lives. We have taken the phone calls from women who chose life because of the signs.
Your generosity truly impacts our community and the world.