BREAKING: Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Abortion Drug Mifepristone

June 13, 2024-It is a sad day for women and babies in America as the dangerous chemical abortion regime will remain legal through 10 weeks gestation after the Supreme Court’s decision in the FDA v. AHM court case. The ruling was based on standing and not merit, which will allow other future cases on chemical abortion to come forward. The case returns to district court where the pro-life states of Idaho, Kansas and Missouri are seeking to take up the challenge based on harms suffered by women in their states.

There are court cases in other states including Massachusetts and Florida, where women have been misled into taking abortion pills. Louisiana recently became the first state to officially recognize the dangers of chemical abortion drugs by classifying them as “controlled substances.”

In Hamilton County, 829 known chemical abortions occurred in 2022, making up 50% of the abortions locally. There were 9,225 chemical abortions reported in Ohio in 2022, but this number is incomplete as there is no way to measure the abortion pills women receive through mail order.  As a devastating reminder, the tissue and fetal remains of the preborn babies from these horror-filled procedures, are flushed into our water treatment systems.

As many as 15% of women taking these dangerous drugs suffer hemorrhage, and 1 in 50 will experience infection. Research shows there has also been a 500% increase of abortion pill emergency room visits over the last 10 years.

In February of 2023 Cincinnati Right to Life hosted Kelly Lester as a speaker for our Pro-life Gathering for HER. Guests in attendance were moved to tears upon hearing Kelly’s testimony of her abortion pill experience. Kelly acknowledged the heartbreak from seeing her dead baby and the tremendous physical pain and large loss of blood the chemical abortion caused. The trauma for moms, who in their own home, take the life of their son or daughter, is real and accounted for by women who have experienced the violence of chemical abortion.

Heartbeat International in Columbus, Ohio operates the national Abortion Pill Rescue Network, providing 24/7 free and confidential care to women who regret taking the abortion pill. They answer more than 150 mission-critical calls monthly from women who regret their abortion decision. Statistics show that thousands of lives have been saved (and counting) through the abortion pill reversal protocol where within 24-48 hours women can be given a safe regimen to reverse the effects of the first abortion pill. Rebekah Hagan shared her successful abortion pill reversal with the Cincinnati Right to Life Pro-life Gathering for HER guests in 2024.

“With the passage of Issue 1 in November, Ohio remains an aggressive abortion state where preborn life is tragically devalued and women are legally sold the lie of abortion. This chemical abortion ruling will keep Ohio moving in the wrong direction in regards to building a culture of life in the Buckeye State. We hope the new cases against this dangerous drug are brought forth sooner rather than later. Cincinnati Right to Life stands ready to share the truth with women and support them in their choice of life as we work to make abortion unthinkable,” shares Laura Strietmann, Executive Director of Cincinnati Right to Life.