Black Abortion

Ohio 2021 Abortion Report:


Total Ohio abortions in 2021: 21,813

                Black abortions in Ohio 2021: 9,446

                                Percentage of black women in Ohio: 12%

                                Percentage of abortions on black babies in Ohio 2021: 43%

                White abortions in Ohio 2021: 8,784

                Other races: 3,583

Ohio Death Statistics 2021

Ohio Deaths in 2021, How Many Deaths in Ohio 2021 | Dead or Kicking

Total Ohio deaths in 2021: 144,295

                Leading causes of death in Ohio in 2021:

                                Heart Disease: 29,276, 12% =3,513

                                Cancer: 24,642, 12% = 2,957

                                Flu and Pneumonia: 20,804, 12% =2,496

                                Stroke: 7,038, 12%=845

                                Top Four Causes of Death in Ohio 2021 total: 81,760

                                                12% of these were to black Ohioans: 9,811

                                                Black abortions in Ohio in 2021: 9,446

                                Total black deaths in Ohio 2021: 16,799

                                Black deaths make up 12% of total deaths in Ohio

Statistics show that it takes the four leading causes of death on black Ohioans to get close to the number of abortions on black babies in Ohio.

Abortion is the leading cause of death in the black community. Study: 95% of scientists say life begins at conception

Study: 95 Percent of Biologists Say Life Begins at Conception | Restoring Liberty (

Black lives matter, but not to abortionists. They profit from killing black babies. The black community should be outraged.

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