After killing tens of thousands of infant children in the womb, including several mothers, Leroy Carhart dies at 81

Carhart is estimated to have killed over 30,000 babies in his professional tenure as an abortionist and, in at least two occasions, also killed the babies’ mothers.

Many abortion supporters state that late-term abortion never really happens, and that it is done only in the most extreme cases, but Carhart’s life “work” proves otherwise.

In a stunning interview with the BBC conducted in 2019, Carhart admitted that he knew he was killing a baby and had no problem with doing it for any reason, so long as the baby was in the uterus. FULL AMERICAN PROLIFER STORY

Let us not forget that Southwest Ohio is tragically home to another notorious late-term abortionist, Martin Haskell. Haskell has also taken the lives of tens of thousands of pre-born children, and despite numerous lawsuits, violations and complaints, his for-profit abortion business continues to destroy the lives of Ohio babies and mothers. Located in the Greater-Dayton area, Haskell only provides the gruesome procedures at this location after being forced to close his chop-shops in Sharonville and Cincinnati. May the Good Lord have mercy on this entire situation.