Protect Women Ohio Launches $5.5 Million Ad Buy In Support of Issue 1 During Final Week


Protect Women Ohio (PWO), a pro-parent, pro-woman, pro-life coalition, launched a $5.5 million ad buy today in support of Issue 1 to protect Ohio’s constitution from out-of-state special interest groups. The spend includes $4.5 million on two new television ads that will run statewide on broadcast, cable and satellite, and an additional $1 million on statewide radio and targeted digital advertisements. The ads, which encourage a “yes” vote on Issue 1 to protect Ohio’s constitution and parental rights, will run through the August 8 special election.

The 30-second television ads feature Cincinnati doctor and mom, Dr. Vivina Napier, and Columbus mother, April Hunter. The 60-second radio spot urges Ohioans to protect parental rights from radical out-of-state special interest groups, like the ACLU, by voting “yes” on Issue 1.

“The secret is out: Ohio has some of the weakest requirements in the country for passing constitutional amendments and greedy, out-of-state special interest groups with deep pockets know it,” said Molly Smith, PWO board member. “That makes Ohio a prime target for radical special interest groups, like the ACLU, to parachute into the state and strip parents of their rights. Enough is enough. It’s time to pass Issue 1 and put long overdue, common-sense protections in place.”

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