August 26 2020
Contact: Meg (Wittman) DeBlase

We Have a New Look!
Cincinnati Right to Life Launches a New Website
in Partnership with TQI Solutions

CINCINNATI, OH – Cincinnati Right to Life is proud to announce the launch of our new website created and developed by our partners at TQI Solutions. With the help of the TQI team, we have built a new website that will better serve the pro-life movement and offer help for women in need. We hope you will take some time to check it out!

"We were shocked to learn many technology companies and marketing agencies refused to work with Cincinnati Right to Life, stating their mission was ‘too political’," said Dana Dunmyer, President of TQI. When asked about their company position, he stated, “TQI doesn’t believe life is political. Life is a gift that we are all blessed with by God and should be protected."

Some of our new features include:

  • A calendar showing all local pro-life events
  • Comprehensive pages to learn more about life issues
  • A list of resources for those in need of multiple services
  • A page where you can contact your lawmaker
  • Ideas and resources to become a pro-life activist
  • And much more...

Meg DeBlase, Executive Director of Cincinnati Right to Life said, "We have created a new website in order to pivot our organization and appeal to a growing base of younger pro-lifers. With the help of TQI Solutions, we've made resources more easily available to women in need and built a central hub for pro-life news and events in the Greater Cincinnati area."

We are grateful to TQI Solutions for supporting our mission and underwriting part of the expense through the Beracha fund. We hope you will spend some time utilizing our new site, finding new ways to learn and engage in the movement.

TQI is a digital agency and technology firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Celebrating the start of our 25th year in business, TQI builds custom web-based solutions for complex needs that propels your business and gives you peace of mind. TQI provides systems integration, design, ecommerce, business intelligence, analytics, CRM, big data, cloud, and hosting solutions which start with the dynamic directive of consulting that is focused on mission alignment and data-driven efficiencies. TQI works with hundreds of companies including several GE companies, aerospace, defense, banks, law firms, manufacturing, broadcasting, and media companies in 110 countries. TQI helps fund small businesses, innovation, and wholesome non-profits through the Beracha Fund. For more about TQI and this celebration of life, please click here.

The mission of Cincinnati Right to Life is to end abortion and prevent euthanasia in Greater Cincinnati. We ensure that pro-life principles of protection and dignity for all innocent human life are upheld and kept before the public. We educate and communicate the truth about life; we engage in grassroots activism; and we ensure that pro-life principles for all innocent human life are upheld in the legislature and kept before the public. The foundational support of all we do is prayer. We believe that above all else, we must pray for guidance from God in our mission. In the end, He will determine the outcome.