"Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." Luke 2:10

JOY! This third week of Advent 2021 it is really important to focus on the order of directions the angel gave the shepherds when sharing the news of the birth of Christ. The angel first said to fear not, and then shared the news of great joy.

As prolife advocates and defenders of human life from womb to tomb, the FDA gave us all something to fear this third week of Advent. On December 16 the FDA announced extreme loosening on chemical abortion measures. 

The FDA is now allowing the abortion pill, known as RU 486, to be sold on-line and be administered without an in-person doctor’s visit. This is a public health hazard. Not properly dating a pregnancy or determining if the pregnancy is viable and in the uterus, rather than an ectopic pregnancy, could be cause of severe harm or even death for the mother.

Women in America experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, already afraid and maybe alone, can now take the life of their own child in complete isolation without even seeing a doctor. Bathrooms, bedrooms and dorm rooms have now replaced abortion clinics.

Just recently, the Charlotte Lozier Institute shared statistics on harm from chemical abortion. The rate of chemical abortions has increased dramatically and the number of hospital visits following a chemical abortion is alarming to say the least.

Defenders of unborn life have known the truth for decades; the abortion industry cares about one thing: profit over people. While the pro-death chant is “abortion is health care”, may we all choke back tears and remain disgusted at this lie. The violence of taking the life of a baby any way is tragic of course for the sweet baby, but oh how traumatic for a woman to experience this horrific procedure.

But, it is the third week of Advent and we are close to the birth of TRUTH itself, in our Savior, Jesus Christ, true God and true man! We know the truth, and we must remain full of JOY that God is in charge, not us. (Thankfully!) We must remain full of FAITH because we are people of HOPE!

As we are days away from the fourth week of Advent 2021, let us begin our prayer and penance for the great horror of at home abortions about to be unleashed on our culture.  May we cling to the infant Christ Child in all his humility and weakness and know He is God.