They Hung Up on 911

Planned Parenthood employee refuses to answer questions and hangs up on dispatcher


(Cincinnati, OH)- On July 23, 2020 an employee at Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio called 911 requesting an ambulance, but refused to give any information to the dispatcher, including the patient's name or gender. In late July, Cincinnati Right to Life was informed by our faithful sidewalk counselors that an ambulance was called to Planned Parenthood. We reported this to Operation Rescue who recently obtained the recording of this 911 call.


In listening to the recording of the call, which can be found on Operation Rescue’s website, it’s clear Planned Parenthood wanted the paramedics on the scene, but did not want to let the 911 dispatcher or paramedics know why. The call was actually placed through a third party routing service. When the caller reached this first operator, she refused to even identify herself and when she was finally connected with the 911 dispatcher, she appeared to be reading from a prepared script, since she repeated the same exact sentences two times.


The caller would not answer any questions including how old the patient was or even the patient's gender. The dispatcher explained they needed more information to have equipment ready, but the caller still refused to answer any questions saying only that physicians would communicate with the paramedics when they arrived. After repeating her script the second time, the caller just hung up the phone on the dispatcher.


"Planned Parenthood claims to be a healthcare organization. Yet, in an emergency when every second counts, they refuse information to a 911 dispatcher," said Meg DeBlase, Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati. "This constitutes serious neglect, and we plan to investigate this matter further. It is time for Planned Parenthood to stop preying on the women and babies in our community."


Click here to read Operation Rescue's press release and listen to the recording.

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