On Monday night, November 29, 2021, Mason City Council held their last meeting where Mayor Kathy Grossmann, TJ Honerlaw and Mike Gilb remained in their leadership roles. Mike and TJ were not re-elected and Kathy finished her term as Mayor but will return to Council. Cincinnati Right to Life thanks all three leaders for their service to the community. We are especially grateful for their efforts in passing the ordinance for Mason to become a Sanctuary City for the Unborn. Mason was the second city in Ohio to do so! While some in the community have gathered signatures to repeal the ordinance, as of sending this email the ordinance is on-hold while signatures are certified. There will be a process to see what happens, but TJ and Kathy have affirmed Ohio is prolife and so is Mason. Stay tuned for the next steps and make sure you thank TJ and Kathy if you see them. Feel free to send notes of gratitude to c/o Kathy, Mike and TJ at:

City of Mason Municipal Center
6000 Mason - Montgomery Road
Mason, Ohio 45040

Cincinnati Right to Life is grateful for all who testified, prayed, and showed up as a voice for the unborn in Mason. Let us all pray more cities in the Buckeye State follow the example of Lebanon and Mason by adopting similar ordinances and letting the abortion industry know their for-profit slaughter empires are unwelcome in cities across Ohio. Ohio is prolife and we must speak for those without voices.