Spring 2021
Volume 51, Number 1

Biden's America:
Dangerous for the Unborn

On January 20, 2021, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America. Unfortunately, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris make up the most pro-abortion administration in the history of our country. President Biden, who calls himself a practicing Catholic, has promised to reverse the Trump administration’s pro-life policies. He has started with the Mexico City Policy, which he revoked on January 28th. The Mexico City Policy protects U.S. dollars from funding abortion overseas. It prohibits foreign organizations that promote, refer for, or provide abortions from receiving funding from our country. The Mexico City Policy was first implemented by President Ronald Reagan, but the Trump administration expanded it by allocating almost $9 million to international health programs that specifically do not refer for or provide abortions.

Although Biden has supported the Hyde Amendment throughout his political career, he changed his tune in June 2019 and has promised to repeal it. The Hyde Amendment forbids most taxpayer dollars from funding abortions through programs like Medicaid, except in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother’s life. According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, since 1976, the best research indicates that the Hyde Amendment has saved over two million unborn children. Furthermore, it is supported by the majority of Americans and has been kept in place by every president since 1976, when it was first included as a rider in the Department of Health and Human Services appropriations bill. Biden also plans to repeal the Protect Life Rule which prevents organizations that perform or refer for abortions from receiving Title X family planning funds from the federal budget. During the Trump administration, this rule effectively stripped Planned Parenthood of approximately $60 million annually in federal funding. Furthermore, President Biden will restore further funding to Planned Parenthood by not permitting states to refuse them Medicaid funding.

Perhaps most concerning of all, is Biden’s campaign promise that he will “…work to codify Roe v. Wade, and his Justice Department will do everything in its power to stop the rash of state laws that so blatantly violate Roe v. Wade.” Furthermore, Vice President Kamala Harris has committed to enact a regime of “preclearance,” that would block state laws that her administration deems contrary to Roe v. Wade. Harris has been a consistent pro-abortion advocate for many years. She believes in increased “access to abortion”. She has a 100% voting record with NARAL, and voted against both the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act and the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act while in the Senate. When Kamala Harris was announced as Biden’s running mate, Planned Parenthood stated, “With this selection, Joe Biden has made it clear that he is deeply committed to not only protecting reproductive rights, but also advancing and expanding them.”

In addition to making abortion more accessible, we expect the new administration will target pro-life activists. President Biden will completely remove conscience protections and will have the Little Sisters of the Poor back in court for refusing to pay for contraceptives. After the Supreme Court ruled to uphold conscience exemptions on the birth control mandates for health insurance plans, Joe Biden promised he would fight it. As president, he does have the power to end this religious exemption, previously granted by the Trump administration. Also telling is that, when Kamala Harris was Attorney General of California, she targeted David Daleiden whose only crime was that he exposed the truth about Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling the parts of aborted babies for profit. Instead of investigating Planned Parenthood (who was donating to her campaign at the time), Harris raided Daleiden’s home and seized copies of the undercover videos. It is clear this administration will discriminate against pro-lifers.

Despite these anti-life policies, presumed increases in abortions, and expected persecution, our mission remains the same. We must still fight for the most vulnerable in our own communities, where we can affect people one heart at a time. Do not be discouraged by the new administration’s policies. Instead, be motivated to do more in the fight for the sanctity of life.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

United States Declaration of Independence


Remembering Victims of
Roe v. Wade

Two Presidents Commemorate Roe 

January 22nd, the anniversary of the deadly Roe v. Wade decision, is a day when all pro-lifers grieve the loss of millions of our precious unborn to the sin of abortion. This year, the White House Press Office published a ‘Statement from President Biden and Vice President Harris on the 48th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade’. In it, President Joe Biden, who calls himself Catholic, marks this somber anniversary by pledging to increase access to abortion. The statement begins, “In the past four years, reproductive health, including the right to choose, has been under relentless and extreme attack. We are deeply committed to making sure everyone has access to care — including reproductive health care — regardless of income, race, zip code, health insurance status, or immigration status. The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to codifying Roe v. Wade and appointing judges that respect foundational precedents like Roe…

Alternatively, in one of his last actions as president, Donald Trump declared January 22nd, to be “National Sanctity of Human Life Day.” In the proclamation, published on January 17th, Trump called on the U.S. Congress to join him “…in protecting and defending the dignity of every human life, including those not yet born”, and promised that he would continue to be an advocate and voice for the unborn. Among other things, the proclamation reminded us of all the pro-life accomplishments of the Trump administration, including the work to end taxpayer funding of abortion and proclaiming to the United Nations that they have no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that protect innocent life. The proclamation closes with the words: “And finally, I ask every citizen of this great Nation to listen to the sound of silence caused by a generation lost to us, and then to raise their voices for all affected by abortion, both seen and unseen.” 


Memorial Disrupted in Columbus

On January 22nd, a group of abortion activists stormed into a pro-life Catholic Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral in Columbus, OH. It has been reported that eight people rushed into the church in the middle of Mass, marched around the pews, and made their way to the altar, holding signs with messages that read: “Fund abortion, not cops,” and, “Abortion on demand, end Hyde now.” The group chanted, “Two, four, six, eight, this Church teaches hate.” There were about 200 people in attendance at Mass, many of whom were shaken by the events. Ultimately, the Columbus Police, security, and other diocesan staff escorted the disruptive group outside. Once outside, they made their way to the Ohio Statehouse to disrupt the Roe Remembrance event hosted by Greater Columbus Right to Life. Many who attended the Mass also attended this event, including Bishop Robert Brennan who had celebrated the Mass in the Cathedral. While the protesters were required to stand away from the pro-life crowd, they still harassed many in attendance and disrupted the program with loud sirens and voice amplification, shouting obscene, vulgar, and demeaning things. Bishop Malesic, visiting from the Cleveland area, spoke at the event saying, “There are two sides here, and it’s very odd. Let me tell you, if I was an outside observer, I know exactly which side I would choose. There’s beauty and there’s ugliness. There’s peace and there’s violence. There’s love and there’s hatred. There’s life and there’s death.” The protesters were contained until the end of the event. There was no physical violence and no arrests were made.


37th Annual Rosary Procession Downtown

On January 23rd, over 700 people marched in downtown Cincinnati in prayerful commemoration of lives lost to abortion. After meeting at Cincinnati City Hall, the group processed through the city led by altar servers, carrying a bier with Our Lady’s statue perched on top. This is the 37th year this event has taken place. It is hosted by the Cincinnati Pro-Life Committee which is dedicated to spiritually protecting life by promoting this procession in bitter January cold as penance for the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. After praying a 15-decade Rosary, the group convened at Fountain Square for a rally. Ohio State Representative Jennifer Gross addressed the crowd, as did Henry and Betsy Jacquez, founders of Mater Filius Queen City. The Cincinnati Pro-Life Committee honored Dave Condit with their annual Life Award. Dave, a father of ten, is the president and co-founder of Charity Mobile. Charity Mobile is the pro-life cell phone company, which permits customers to donate 5% of their monthly plan cost to the pro-life charity of their choice. As of early 2019, Charity Mobile had donated nearly $2 million to pro-life charities. We are grateful to the faithful organizers of this event who offer this local opportunity for prayer and public witness in our city.


Hundreds March at Planned Parenthood

This year’s Mini March for Life in Cincinnati saw an estimated 500 people march the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood on Auburn Avenue. Because of COVID-19 and the fact that the National March for Life decided to go virtual, many schools, families, and pro-life individuals were anxious to do something to commemorate the unborn. They showed up in full force on January 29th. The event began on the steps of Holy Name Church. Father Ethan Moore, Pastor of Holy Name Church, inspired the crowd by reminding them that we do this all for Christ. After pro-life prayers, the group marched down the sidewalk toward the abortion facility. Before reaching Planned Parenthood, three young people attempted to block the path. They held a banner the width of the sidewalk that read, “Keep your Rosaries off our ovaries.” Fortunately, the situation was easily diffused and the march went on peacefully. The event saw nuns, priests, high school students, Students for Life college groups, young adults, and young families. This type of local activism is critical to ending abortion in our city. We are grateful for the tremendous showing of our community members at this annual Mini March. We hope and pray that this event will be a catalyst for many to pray and advocate on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.


Life Is Winning in Ohio

Despite the potential reversal of all the Trump administration’s pro-life policies, it remains true that our most effective pro-life advancement will be at the state and local level. We are proud that Ohio enacted two pro-life laws at the end of 2020. Cincinnati Right to Life will continue to lead and lobby for pro-life laws until every unborn child in our state is
considered a person with equal rights under the law.


Two New Pro-Life Laws in Ohio

Abortionists Must Dispose of Babies Humanely
In early December, Senate Bill 27 passed the Ohio legislature and was signed into law at the end of the month. This bill, sponsored by former Senator Joe Uecker, requires the burial or cremation of each individual surgically aborted child, and gives a mother the choice of method of final disposition. It ensures that a paper trail follows an aborted child’s
fetal remains from the abortionist, to the funeral home or crematory, and then to the Ohio Department of Health. This bill was prompted after then Attorney General (now Governor) Mike DeWine’s investigation into whether state abortion facilities were properly disposing of aborted babies’ remains, due to evidence of improper procedures found in other states. His investigation uncovered that some abortionists in Ohio were callously dumping aborted babies in landfills. Prior to this bill, Ohio law already required the humane disposition of fetal remains, but it was vague and open to interpretation. Senate Bill 27, however, provides specific guidelines to clearly ensure proper treatment of these babies’ bodies. It ensures that their bodies are not mistreated as “medical waste,” nor harvested and sold for research. Despite valiant efforts by many, we’ve not been able to save all babies from abortion yet. In the meantime, at the very least, we can give little aborted children some measure of respect and dignity in final disposition — the same as for any other deceased human being.

No Abortion Pill Via Telemedicine
In the last session of the year, Ohio State Representatives voted 54-30 to pass Senate Bill 260, which bans the use of “telemed” (video conferencing, Skype, etc.) for the administration of the first dosage of the chemical abortion regimen. It requires a physician be physically present in the room with the woman for the first part of the procedure. Failure to do so could result in a fourth-degree felony, and continued violations of the law will result in suspension of the offending physician’s license. This bill is necessary because the FDA safety protocol known as Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy has been suspended to allow remote distribution of the abortion pill during COVID-19. This means women are not being assessed in person before receiving abortion drugs to rule out a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy, accurately date their pregnancy, or receive other important testing and blood work. Planned Parenthood has reported that the number of telemedicine abortions has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The abortion giant has used the global pandemic as an excuse to expand their telemedicine services. Chemical abortions (the abortion pill) make up 39% of abortions nationwide, and standard safety measures have been eroded since March in the name of increased access to abortion. Governor DeWine signed the bill on January 9th. Ohio now joins 19 other states that have enacted similar telemedicine abortion bans.


What Comes Next in the Legislature?

The 134th General Assembly was sworn in on Monday, January 4, 2021. The leadership of both chambers was formalized by the new members. The House leaders are: Speaker: Rep. Bob Cupp, Speaker Pro Tempore: Rep. Tim Ginter, Majority Leader: Rep. Bill Seitz, Assistant Majority Leader: Rep. Rick Carfagna, Majority Whip: Rep. Don Jones, and Assistant Majority Whip: Rep. Cindy Abrams. Democrats elected as Minority Leader Rep. Emelia Sykes, Assistant Minority Leader: Rep. Kristen Boggs, Minority Whip: Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson, Assistant Minority Whip: Rep. Richard Brown. Republicans will hold 64 seats to the Democrats 35. The Senate leaders are: President Senator Matt Huffman, President Pro Tempore Senator Jay Hottinger, Majority Floor Leader Senator Kirk Schuring, and Assistant Majority Floor Leader Senator Rob McColley. Democrats elected as Minority Leader Senator Kenny Yuko, Assistant Minority Leader Senator Cecil Thomas, Minority Whip Senator Nickie Antonio, and Assistant Minority Whip Senator Tina Maharath. The Republicans hold 25 seats to the Democrats 8 seats. This means the Republicans hold the numbers for a supermajority in the Senate.

For the upcoming assembly, Cincinnati Right to Life will be working on many components of pro-life legislation. The strongest bill we have drafted is one that recognizes an unborn human as a person, regardless of age. It forbids all methods of abortion including but not limited to medical, surgical, or chemical, and holds abortionists criminally responsible for purposefully performing abortions. This bill will make Ohio completely pro-life! Furthermore, we will be driving and supporting legislation that improves the informed consent requirements for abortionists. We intend to require abortion providers give information during the informed consent period to women about the increased risk of breast cancer and post-traumatic stress symptoms associated with abortion. Concurrently, we will support a bill introduced last year that also requires abortionists to tell women that there is a way to reverse a chemical abortion through the Abortion Pill Reversal Network. Finally, we will be leading legislation to re-write current Ohio statute to ensure that hydration and nutrition of a patient be categorized as basic care rather than medical intervention which can be withdrawn from a patient by a provider. To keep up to date on our legislative progress and take action, go to www.cincinnatirighttolife.org/contact-your-lawmaker.


The Bill to Make Ohio Pro-Life

The Life at Conception Act, legally recognizes an unborn human as a person, from the point of fertilization. This bill prohibits all forms of abortion, and establishes criminal penalties for providers who violate the law. With the passage of the Life at Conception Act, Ohio will go from embracing abortion as a regulated legal act, to rejecting abortion as an assault against human dignity. This bill will be introduced in the Ohio General Assembly in the near future.


Not a Burden, Just a Blessing

By Guest Contributor Ann Poirier

On St. Patrick’s Day 2018, my husband and I welcomed our second child—a little girl named Alice. I was immediately in awe of her beauty and so in love with every ounce of her.

An hour after Alice was born, we were told that she has Down syndrome. We were in shock. We had never known anyone with Down syndrome and never thought this would happen to us. We were a young, healthy couple with a perfectly typical two-year-old daughter.

But there we were—with our new daughter with a condition that we knew nothing about. The doctor asked us why we hadn’t screened for Down syndrome prenatally. Our reason was that we are pro-life and we could never abort our child — no matter what.

When Alice was born, we had never heard anything positive about Down syndrome. All I knew was that babies with Down syndrome used to be placed in institutions at birth—and that the abortion rates for babies with Down syndrome are very high.

Through my fear and desperation those first few days after Alice’s diagnosis, I heard God speaking to me. He told me that Alice would make me better. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my new daughter’s diagnosis was not a burden, but actually a blessing. I felt in my heart that God had given her to me to make a change.

Alice’s Down syndrome diagnosis gave me a desire to change the world. In the United States, 67% of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. It is higher in most other countries. God gave me Alice to show that Down syndrome is something to embrace, not discard.

Today, Alice is almost three years old. She runs around; she talks; she’s so funny; and she’s about to start preschool. Alice has a new little brother now and she is the friendliest and happiest person I know. She can sense when people need a hug or a kiss and she makes everyone better. Isn’t this what we need more of in our world — not less?


Health Care Civil Rights Task Force Formed

A new coalition has been created to promote the rights of hospital patients to have “reasonable” access to family and clergy during the pandemic. It is called the Health Care Civil Rights Task Force, and is a collaboration of the Christ Medicus Foundation, the National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC), the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network, among others. Dr. Jozef Zalot with the NCBC said it is essential that people not have to die alone. He said that families have called the center for bioethical consultations having to make life-or-death decisions for their loved ones while not allowed to be physically present with them at the hospital. The coalition is also calling for preservation of access to the Sacraments for the faithful and opposition to health care rationing. Coalition members warn that state and local COVID restrictions reflect a “chasm” where “the spiritual is increasingly being forgotten, ignored, and trampled,” as churches are closed by public orders and the Sacraments are denied to COVID patients. They state that the “rights of the family are preeminent above the rights of the state”. We hope and pray for the success of this Health Care Civil Rights Task Force and thank them for addressing such a critical pro-life issue during the pandemic.


Pro-Life Hero Passes Away

L to R: Joe Scheidler, Marlene Reid, Denise Cocciolone, Jack Willke, Barbara Willke, Nellie Gray

Cincinnati Right to Life expresses our deepest condolences to the Scheidler family with the passing of Joe Scheidler on January 18, 2021. Joe was truly one of the early warriors in our fight for life, even referred to by some as the ‘godfather’ and ‘grandfather’ of the pro-life movement. Cincinnati Right to Life’s own founder, Jack Willke, shared a special friendship with Joe Scheidler. They were colleagues in the movement and Joe depended upon the knowledge of Jack and Barbara Willke. In an article he penned himself in 2015 Joe said, “The Handbook on Abortion by Dr. Jack and Barbara Willke became my Bible just as soon as abortion became legal nationwide in 1973.” Joe Scheidler, founder of Pro-Life Action League, is perhaps best known for his fortitude and ultimate victory in the landmark case NOW v. Scheidler. The case was filed by the National Organization for Women (NOW) which accused him of being a member “in a nationwide conspiracy to obstruct women’s access to abortion clinics through a pattern of racketeering activity including the actual or implied threat of violence.” With the help of the Thomas More Society, Joe Scheidler prevailed in protecting the free speech rights of pro-lifers. It is impossible to know how many lives he touched, how many babies he saved, and how many abortionists he converted. What is certain is that Joe Scheidler was a powerful force for justice for the unborn. May God bless Him and bring him to a heavenly reward.


Bullying of Daleiden Continues

A judge has dismissed seven of fifteen felony criminal charges against pro-life journalist David Daleiden, who in 2015 exposed Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby body parts for profit. Yet, David still faces eight felony counts, and the California Attorney General has now added a ninth felony charge. To make things worse, he may have to stand trial before a San Francisco jury which could have him locked up in a state penitentiary for ten years. The Thomas More Society represents David, and they are preparing for a difficult trial. Tom Brejcha, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society recently sent an e-mail requesting financial assistance for their cases. Altogether, David has been sued or prosecuted six times, and he is currently being defended in four other active cases. Without David’s courage, Planned Parenthood would never have been exposed for its gruesome and greedy actions. While Planned Parenthood executives continue to live their comfortable lives, this man is being persecuted for sharing the truth. Planned Parenthood has millions of dollars to spend on lobbyists and lawyers. If you are interested in helping David and his legal team, please visit thomasmoresociety.org.

What To Know About Vaccines

It seems each day, we awake to learn something more about the COVID-19 vaccines. It is critical that each individual have access to all the information in order to make an informed decision. The Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), the research and education arm of the Susan B. Anthony List, has published a detailed study on the leading vaccines in Operation Warp Speed. Several of these vaccines have already been approved by the FDA and are being distributed throughout the country. Many pro-lifers rightly have grave concerns about the ethical sources and testing procedures of these vaccines. The CLI research shows that some vaccine candidates did not use abortion-derived cell lines in their production. However, some used the abortion tainted cell line during the testing phases and/or production. We have shared their chart below, last updated on January 5th. Furthermore, Life Site News is hosting a conference on February 19th called Unmasking COVID-19: Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health. They will have many experts discussing the vaccine and other issues. Visit lifesitenews.com/unmasking-vaccines for more information and to sign up. Individuals should look to religious leaders for moral guidance on taking the vaccine. Regardless, any vaccine that is tainted with an abortion-derived cell line is unethical and should be opposed. It is critical that, as pro-lifers, we advocate for fully ethical vaccines that end the trafficking and commoditization of aborted babies.

For a chart of all vaccines being tested and more detailed information about each:


Pray and Fast for 40 Days

Faithful Christians from the tri-state area continue to step out in faith during the twice yearly intense 40-day periods of prayer and fasting known as 40 Days for Life. Locally they witness to the sanctity of life by committing to standing in peaceful, public prayer throughout the campaign from 7am to 7pm daily in front of Planned Parenthood on Auburn Avenue. The spring/Lenten campaign always takes place from Ash Wednesday through Palm Sunday. This year that is from Wednesday, February 17 through Sunday, March 28. Many church groups and individuals have been taking part in these campaigns almost from the start in 2009 and our heartfelt thanks and blessings go out to them for their perseverance. You are invited to become a part of this largest international pro-life mobilization in history by signing up for prayer hours on our website, www.40daysforlife.com/cincinnati, or by contacting Mary at cincy40days@fuse.net for more information. For most of those who decide to join us, this is the first pro-life action in which they have ever been involved. We are Christ’s hand and feet in extending His love and mercy to those involved in abortion in any way. Ask a friend to join you and give it a try.


Annual Mother's Day Flower Sale

Beautiful potted flowers can be delivered to your church in time for our Annual Mother’s Day Flower Sale. Sell beautiful blooms and raise funds to protect life at the same time! Contact us at 513-728-7870 to sign up today!







Calling Student Artists

Submissions are now being accepted for Cincinnati Right to Life’s Annual Pro-Life Poster Contest! This year’s theme is Every Life is Worth Defending. The contest is open to all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade from private, public, home schools, or home. Cash prizes and prize ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be awarded in each age group. All participants will receive a certificate of participation. The deadline for submission is April 16th.

Call 513-728-7870 or go to cincinnatirighttolife.org for entry forms and rules.


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