"Abortion on Demand" Act Defeated

Thank you to everyone who called our Senators to express disgust and outrage over the so-called "Women's Health Protection Act", AKA S. 4132.

This pro-death, pro-abortion, anti-women, misnamed, horrible piece of legislation failed through a vote of 51 NAY votes and 49 YEA votes.

The WHPA failed to receive the 60 votes necessary to end debate on the Senate floor and advance to final passage. This this is another futile charge to enshrine Roe v Wade into federal law by the Left and Congressional Democrats while overruling all commonsense state measures to protect innocent life and the health and well-being of vulnerable women.

Even though the outcome was expected, Democrats said the vote was necessary to show where lawmakers stand on abortion rights in the wake of a Politico report that revealed the Supreme Court is on track to overturn Roe v. Wade.

No Republicans voted for the bill, and one Democrat — Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted against it as well. Let this be a call for all voters to cast their vote for life in the Ohio primary scheduled for August as well as the November 2022 mid-term election. We must vote for the voiceless and we must continue to persevere in protection of unborn children.

Since May 3, 2022, and the "leak" of the draft opinion of the Dobbs Supreme Court case, protesters that support the starvation and mutilation of unborn children have been forming active groups around the country. These groups use profanity, mob mentality and physical harm to make their voices heard while protesting the protection of unborn children from the violence of abortion. 

CRTL does not support this kind of demonstrating and action against life-saving legislation and laws. CRTL will not be gathering at any local demonstrations. Instead, we will continue to pray for protection of unborn children and for peace. We lead with mercy and empathy, not anger and rage.

We invite all of our supporters to join us in praying for Roe to be overturned and for peace and calm when the final decision is announced. Please also join us on June 5 at the Cross the Bridge for Life, a joyful, fun, life-serving community event. More info below.

Cross the Bridge for Life Event

This Friday, May 13 (the feast of Our Lady of Fatima), will be a day of united prayer and fasting as announced on Tuesday, May 10 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

"In the midst of current tensions, we invite Catholics around the country to join us in fasting and praying the Rosary on Friday, May 13, the Memorial of Our Lady of Fatima. Let us offer our prayers and fasting for these intentions:

*For our nation, for the integrity of our judicial system, and that all branches of government be dedicated to seeking the common good and protecting the dignity and rights of the human person, from conception to natural death.

*For the overturning of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in the Supreme Court’s final decision in Dobbs v. Jackson.

*For the conversion of the hearts and minds of those who advocate for abortion.

Read all intentions here