Activist Judge Blocks The Will of The People-Again

September 15, 2022
Margie Christie, President RTLACO

Yesterday Hamilton County Judge Christian Jenkins, a Democrat, issued a temporary stay on Ohio's Heartbeat law for 14 days. The Wednesday decision restores access to the procedure for up to 20 weeks and stalls the closure of Womens Med Center in Dayton for the time being.

Judge Jenkins ruled that Ohio's Constitution might protect Ohioans' right to an abortion. He stated "No great stretch is required to find that Ohio law recognizes a fundamental right to privacy, procreation, bodily integrity and freedom of choice in health care decision making"

President -Elect Gary Taphorn points out, "The pattern of legal complaints and appeals by Ohio’s abortion industry has recently become quite obvious – when in doubt, go to Hamilton County. This marks the fourth time in the last two years that Planned Parenthood, Martin Haskell, and the rest of the abortion cabal has sought relief – and obtained it -- from a Common Pleas Court Judge in Hamilton County. Previously, Judge Allison Hatheway has blocked implementation of Ohio’s Fetal Remains Act (SB 27), the Telemed Abortion Act (SB 260), and the Born Alive Act (SB 157). Now Hatheway is joined by fellow Democrat Judge Christian Jenkins, who won his seat in 2020 with just 50.85% of the vote. And the fact that Martin Haskell’s former attorney, Jennifer Branch, now also occupies a seat on the same bench should not be lost on prolifers.” Martin Haskell is the current operator of Women's Med Center in Dayton.

"Ohioans need to understand that activist judges like this and the pro-abortion business will never stop trying to override the strong pro-life commitment of the people of Ohio. The Heartbeat law was pushed forward and put in place by the will of our fellow citizens. Ohio is pro-life and this law was supported by the people. Women do not need abortion in Ohio. We have abundant resources for mothers and their children to thrive." says Margie Christie, President, RTLACO.

Read the decision here.

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