Ohio’s Largest Pro-life Organization Holds Annual Membership Meeting & Elections

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (RTLACO) held its annual membership board meeting and elections on March 11, 2022Ohio’s fastest-growing pro-life grassroots organization met during the annual Bringing America Back to Life (BABL) Convention in Independence, Ohio. BABL is sponsored by the Cleveland Right to Life member organization and is the largest pro-life gathering in Ohio.

RTLACO welcomed new member organizations and over 60 members to the annual meeting. The new officers for 2022 – 2023 are:

Margie Christie – President, Gary Taphorn – President-Elect, Walter Moss – Vice President, Linda Theis – Past President, Jacqui Fetsko – Treasurer, and Gretchen Schellenger – Secretary.

District Vice Presidents: Ed Sitter, Piroska Papp, Liz Kent, Kate Makra, Judy Harness, Ron Dallman, and Laura Strietmann.

RTLACO Officers represent a diversity of member groups: Ross County Right to Life, Dayton Right to Life, Lorain County Right to Life, Fostoria-Bascom Area Pro-life, National Black Pro-life Coalition, Hancock County Right to Life, Dayton Right to Life, Greater Toledo Right to Life, Lake County Right to Life and Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati.

Outgoing President Linda Theis was recognized for her outstanding leadership during the complex challenges of the pandemic. Incoming President Margie Christie stated, “2022 is an important year for the pro-life movement.

Depending on what happens with the Supreme Court decision and the elections, our movement has to be ready to deal with a post-Roe v Wade world and the pro-death culture.”

RTLACO officers informed its members that Ohio’s abortion numbers have remained static for five years. Numerous pieces of pro-life legislation have been passed, but most have been tied up in court. Ohio has become a state where our Executive branch and others use pro-life legislation as a campaign talking point and bargaining tool---only to use the issue for campaign fundraising and talking points. RTLACO strives to elect true pro-life champions who fight for the unborn, not just talk about them.

RTLACO announced its slate of endorsed candidates would be released at the end of March. “These endorsed candidates will be true pro-life champions,” stated Jeannine Jones, the Candidate Endorsement Committee chair.

The BABL convention was a positive and uplifting event with prominent pro-life speakers such as David Barton, Reggie Littlejohn, and others.