Cincinnati Right to Life was founded by pro-life heroes Dr. John (Jack) Willke and his wife Barbara. With incredible foresight of the trajectory of culture and society, Dr. and Mrs. Willke initially founded Ohio Right to Life in 1967 in Cincinnati. A few years later, they moved it to Columbus and went on to establish Cincinnati Right to Life in 1971, beginning with the legislative arm. They quickly recognized that pro-life lawmaking and education must go hand-in-hand. Consequently, they founded the educational arm of Cincinnati Right to Life in 1973 to educate on a range of bioethical issues, including abortion, human experimentation, and euthanasia.

Almost 50 years later, their work is not in vain, as they knew it would not be. As we wait for the final decision from the Court, after this leaked document, may we all continue to pray for our Nation, for our Supreme Court Justices, and for all who are confused by the lies of abortion. 

Our work is just beginning, not ending! Prolifers in Ohio will all be called to carry on and work to end abortion in our State completely while also responding to those harmed by the lie of abortion with love and mercy. We must lead with empathy, not pride or haughtiness. We must have the Lord be our guide. Let us pray.


“Life is a civil right. Abortion is a civil wrong.”

Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.