Friday Five


Barry Sheets

Legislative Consultant

September 4, 2020

Happy Labor Day! 


We are getting closer and closer to a day when we can actually enjoy taking a rest from the labors of standing for the defenseless, as hearts, minds and policies change to recognize,

respect and protect life from conception to natural death! 




1.  Most of our readers will likely receive a form in the mail this week from the office of Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose to apply for an absentee ballot for the November general election. While this is very convenient for those who need it, I would strongly encourage Pro-Life Ohioans who may be concerned about the ability to cast a live ballot on November 3rd due to various factors including COVID restrictions, potential "peaceful" protests breaking out at polling locations, etc., to consider not applying for an absentee mail-in ballot this fall. The postal service is experiencing massive delays and problems currently, and this past spring saw many "mail-in" ballots not being counted due to numerous issues. The solution? Go to your county Board of Elections office starting on Tuesday, October 6th until Election Day and cast an in-person "absentee" ballot and hand it directly to a Board of Elections official! This is a valid and legal way to cast a live ballot before November 3rd!


2. The Ohio Medicaid system announced this week that they have filed rules to make their COVID-19 temporary expansion of telehealth services to clients a permanent part of the Medicaid program. Many have had experience with telemed with many providers utilizing this option under COVID restrictions. Given that HB 679, the bill to expand telemedicine overall in Ohio has passed the House and is currently waiting hearings in the Senate, now is the time to call your state Senator and request the Senate add the provisions of SB 260 (telemedicine abortion ban) to this bill/HB 679!


3. Can the rest of the country secede from California yet? This week, the California assembly passed legislation and sent it to the desk of liberal Governor Gavin Newsom which lowers penalties for someone to have sexual relations with a minor, as long as there is less than

a 10 year age difference, under California law. Senate Bill 145 is sponsored by Senator Scott Wiener, who said its purpose is to "eliminate discrimination" against LGBT in the law! If Newsom signs the bill, which he is likely to do, a 23 year old can engage in same-sex sexual relations with a 14 year old without being required to register as a sex offender in California! Sadly, we are not making this up...


4. It is hard enough to convince unbelievers of the importance of protecting the unborn and to consider voting for Pro-Life candidates. It's even more difficult when there are mixed signals coming from ecclesiastical authority figures. I am just going to leave this one here for you to consider.


5. This week saw candidate endorsements being made public in Ohio from groups on both sides of the life debate. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio announced their endorsement of Tenth District Court of Appeals Judge Jennifer Brunner, is seeking an Ohio Supreme Court seat (she was the Ohio Secretary of State in 2006-2010). NARAL Director Kellie Copeland noted "We support Brunner because throughout her years in public service she has shown a deep and abiding commitment to protecting our fundamental rights and freedoms, whether they be reproductive rights, voting rights, or other vitally important civil liberties." By contrast, the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (RTLACO) announced their support of 21 legislative candidates and both incumbent judges in the Ohio Supreme Court race, Justice Sharon Kennedy and Justice Judith French. RTLACO President Molly Smith shared "We are very appreciative of the hard work of our endorsement committee and proud to release our slate of endorsed candidates who are Pro-Life without exceptions." Seems like voters are getting a clear choice this cycle, especially in the Supreme Court contests!


Each installment of the Friday Five will bring thumbnail profiles

of key policymakers and committees. 


United States Court of Appeals Sixth Circuit-Judge Chad A. Readler. Judge Readler, an attorney and former Assistant U.S. Attorney General, was born in Pontiac Michigan in 1972. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan and his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan School of Law. He clerked for Judge Alan Norris of the Sixth Circuit after graduation. Readler, a member of the Federalist Society, worked for the Columbus, Ohio office of Jones Day law firm, specializing in appellate trial argumentation, and argued before the U.S. Supreme Court among other courts. Readler served as the Principal Deputy United States Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice's Civil Division from 2017 until September of 2018. In 2018, Readler was nominated to the Sixth Circuit bench by President Donald Trump. His confirmation was not completed during that session of Congress, so his nomination was resubmitted in January 2019. The Senate Judiciary Committee moved the nomination to the full Senate on a vote of 12-10 and confirmed the nomination in March, 2019 on a vote of 52-47.



Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati is a proud member organization of the 

Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio.