September 28, 2020

Contact: Meg (Wittman) DeBlase


Judge Amy Searcy Supports Life

She has been endorsed by the Cincinnati Right to Life PAC both in 2014 and in 2020!



Judge Amy Searcy is running for re-election for Hamilton County Domestic Relations court this November. Her campaign slogan is “Families Matter” because she has devoted herself to the children and families in crisis in her court every day.


Judge Searcy is dedicated to making decisions in child custody, divorce, child support and domestic violence cases that are in “the best interest of the children”. As a wife, mother of two and grandmother (Nonnie) of seven, Judge Searcy understands the critical importance of the family structure and its vital importance in our society. 


Judge Amy Searcy is devoted to the Franciscan Friars at St. Anthony Shrine where she worships regularly. Her devotion to the importance of the “issue of life” is also demonstrated by her volunteer work, including serving on the Board of “Reach Out Pregnancy Center” in Harrison, Ohio —her hometown. 


Judge Searcy’s opponent is not a friend of the unborn — she is just the opposite. Her opponent, a vocal and strident liberal proudly displays her camaraderie and close kinship to politicians like Senator Sherrod Brown. Remember Sherrod Brown is an ardent supporter and best friend to Planned Parenthood; he loudly and proudly states that he “Stands with Planned Parenthood”. Sherrod Brown’s endorsement of the Judge’s opponent tells you all you need to know about her. 


Please VOTE for Judge Amy Searcy.


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