July 26, 2021
Contact: Meg DeBlase

Introducing New Development Director Monica DeFosse

Cincinnati Right to Life is pleased to welcome Monica DeFosse to our staff! Monica is filling the new position of Development Director for our organization, where she will be managing all fundraising efforts and events. Monica is a 2021 graduate of the University of Cincinnati where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Monica is creative, enthusiastic, and contagiously pro-life. See below for a special note from Monica herself.

My name is Monica DeFosse and I am thrilled to be joining Cincinnati Right to Life as the new Development Director! Over the last five years, as I navigated through an increasingly "woke" world, I became increasingly more pro-life. Witnessing the impact the culture of death has on the individual and the family left me more motivated than ever to work on behalf of life at all stages. My journey really began with my love of history and study of the holocaust in middle school. Although my family was Catholic and raised me to be pro-life, it wasn't until I saw the dehumanization of Jews during the holocaust that I began to embrace being pro-life, but didn't know how to take action. While at UC -a campus of roughly 50,000 students- I quickly realized how sexualized the women were. Whether we wanted it or not we were fed a constant diet of condoms and birth control by the university and the only obvious "help" for so many of these young women seemed to be Planned Parenthood. I realized that in my time I never saw a single pregnant student at my campus: that was the personal connection that kicked me into action.

I met two young men who were equally motivated to defend life. Together we re-founded Students for Life and began tabling and hosting events for students. Our work was met with friendly curiosity as well as open threats of violence, both of which increased our resolve. Not long after we started our work, I was offered an internship at the American Conservative Union as a CPAC and Events intern and was able to intern through the Winter, Spring, and Summer internship classes of 2019. My experience at the American Conservative Union included working intimately with their communication, government affairs, events, development, and executive directors who began to personally mentor me in the "art of non-profit activism". Once I returned to college I used the skills I learned from them to develop relationships and to help work with a variety of organizations from Hillel (the Jewish student center), to the Society of Saint Paul, the Zionist Organization of America, and most importantly to help guide Students for Life. Now, I look forward to applying those skills to help rebuild Cincinnati into a culture that values and defends life.