As we give thanks this weekend, for our families, our health, our homes, our strength of faith and so much more, let us reflect on all of the prolife victories we have to be grateful for in 2021.

5 Reasons to be Thankful for LIFE in 2021


  1. We are thankful for all who participate in 40 Days for Life Cincinnati. Two baby’s lives were saved during 2021 Cincinnati 40 days for Life Campaigns. One baby in the spring campaign, and one baby this fall. And of course, these are the saved lives we know of. We cannot count the number of people that drive by and do not enter the abortion facility just by the peaceful, prayerful presence. Thank you! (And thank you Mary Clark for your efforts organizing this life saving work!)

  2. We are thankful for Lebanon City Council and Mason City Council for passing Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinances.  Lebanon was the first city in Ohio and Mason became the second city in the state to make it unlawful to perform abortions in their city. Life spoke in both communities, and while Mason seems unsettled, we cannot forget the courage of both councils to speak for the unborn. Thank you!

  3. We are thankful that for the lives of babies with a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome that are now protected in Ohio. In April 2021, The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an Ohio law banning doctors from performing abortions when they know the reason a woman is seeking an abortion is that her baby has Down syndrome diagnosis. What a victory for countless lives in our state! Thank you!

  4. We are thankful for House Bill 480, known as the 2363 Act, being introduced on November 2, 2021, by State Representatives Jenna Powell (R) and Thomas Hall (R). The is bill named for the 2,363 children that die by abortion each day in America. “The 2363 Act is about protecting our fundamental, constitutional right to be born and live. Abortion kills children, scars families, and harms women. We can and must do better.” shared Rep. Powell.  Thank you!

  5. We are thankful for 2021 being Cincinnati Right to Life’s most successful year to date. Greater grassroots involvement, more legislation being authored, more prayer warriors, a sold-out banquet, stronger engagement on social media, more interest in all things life and interest in the work we do proclaiming human dignity in Southwest Ohio. Thank you!

Cincinnati Right to Life can only exist because of your prayers, your work and your generosity! We are truly grateful for all of the above. Here’s to more life saving work the last few weeks of the year and for a strengthened grassroots effort in 2022. All for life!