Fetal Remains in Ohio

Will Continue Being Disposed of as

Infectious and Medical Waste


BREAKING-February 2, 2022

For immediate release: An elected Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Alison Hatheway (D) blocked SB 27 for the second time in less than twelve months. The Senate Bill sponsored by Senator Joe Uecker (R), District 14, required physicians to inform pregnant women 24 hours before their surgical abortions that they have the right to determine “the final disposition” of their child's remains and the available methods and locations for disposition. Mothers were to be given the option of cremation or burial. Currently, babies aborted in Ohio are inhumanely disposed of as "infectious waste" under guidelines required by the Ohio Department of Health.

Cincinnati Right to Life was involved in developing the language of SB 27, working to give dignity to precious unborn children that were never given an opportunity at life. The law carried a penalty of a first-degree misdemeanor for clinic workers who didn't comply with the requirement to bury or cremate fetal remains. The Ohio Senate passed the bill in March of 2019, the Ohio House in December 2020, and it was signed into law by Governor DeWine in December 2020.

The abortion industry has an obvious and continued pattern of treating human remains with disrespect. As Attorney General in Ohio, Governor DeWine investigated Planned Parenthood for the sale of baby body parts in the state. There was also concern of how Planned Parenthood was disposing of Ohio baby remains in Kentucky landfills. In July of 2021, dismembered fetal remains were found in a dumpster outside of an Ohio abortion facility.

In our region, Planned Parenthood and the Women’s Med Group were several of the clinics that sued, which also included Preterm-Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Women’s Center. Thousands of unborn children are killed by abortion in these facilities annually. They are responsible for the largest portion of the over 20,000 Ohio abortions that took place in 2020.

While this is considered a victory for the for-profit abortion industry, Cincinnati Right to Life will continue to work against the unjust and violent killing of the unborn in Ohio and the horrible disrespect given to their tiny bodies. Legislation, education and grass-roots action is our mission and will continue until we see an end to abortion and a renewed respect for the unborn and a greater concern for women in Ohio.

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