Give Them Dignity – Contact Legislators Today!

Babies killed in abortions deserve humane disposition.

Isn’t that the least we can do for them?


Senate Bill 27 is the Humane Disposition of Fetal Remains Act, and it’s time to pass it now!

What does Senate Bill 27 do?


Ensures the bodies of unborn children killed in abortions are treated humanely through burial or cremation, just as the law requires for all persons who die in Ohio.


Allows families to determine the method by which the deceased child's remains will be handled.


Prevents abortion providers from selling baby body parts.


Improves abortion reporting and statistics by requiring abortionists to issue death certificates.


The Ohio Senate has already voted on and passed SB 27

but it has been sitting in the House Civil Justice Committee for months.

It needs to be voted out of committee and sent to

the House floor for a vote!


Send an e-mail to the House Civil Justice Committee Members today by clicking the button below.

We’ve already drafted the e-mail,

but you can add your own words if you like!




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