March 18, 2022


Friday Focus

Ohio’s Largest Pro-life Organization Holds Annual Membership Meeting & Elections

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (RTLACO) held its annual membership board meeting and elections on March 11, 2022. Ohio’s fastest-growing pro-life grassroots organization met during the annual Bringing America Back to Life (BABL) Convention in Independence, Ohio. BABL is sponsored by the Cleveland Right to Life member organization and is the largest pro-life gathering in Ohio.

Cincinnati Right to Life is an organizing member of this truly no-exceptions, grassroots, prolife, Ohio organization. CRTL supports this world class gathering of devoted prolife speakers, writers and advocates, all working to advance a culture of life. Read more here RTLACO and listen to the exceptional prolife presentations here: BABL

21 States (including Ohio) Tell Federal Court: Ban Abortions on Babies with Beating Hearts 

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall led a 21-state amicus brief filed March 15, 2022, in support of South Carolina’s one-year-old Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act, which had been blocked by federal district and appeals courts.

Attorney General Marshall filed the amicus brief in Planned Parenthood South Atlantic v. Wilson before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on Tuesday. The South Carolina abortion law, which was enacted on February 18, 2021, was enjoined by a federal district judge on March 19, 2021, and the injunction was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on February 22, 2022.

“States have an unquestioned interest in making information about a child available to a mother who is considering abortion. That is why Planned Parenthood and the other plaintiffs challenged only the law’s regulation of abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected,” said Attorney General Marshall. “However, the federal appeals court ruling affirmed the errors of the lower court by enjoining the law in its entirety—blocking the law’s many disclosure and education requirements which are legal and enforced in many other states, including Alabama."

The full list of the 21 states whose attorney generals signed the brief: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.

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The Beauty of First Trimester Unborn Life

A video of a first trimester baby was recently shared on a Facebook page from a nurse's group in Ireland. Nancy Valko of LifeNews investigated the video and discovered the baby was removed from an ectopic pregnancy and sadly had no chance of surviving.

In Ohio, over 80% of the babies that lost their lives to abortion in 2020 were close to this gestational age.

What a beautiful baby and what a sad loss for the parents. This video reveals the humanity of the unborn and the dire need for prolife legislation that protects the smallest and most precious people.