October 30, 2020

Contact: Meg (Wittman) DeBlase


Dusty Rhodes Wins Life Award

Honored during Virtual Evening for Life


(Cincinnati, OH) - At last night's Virtual Evening for Life, Cincinnati Right to Life honored Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes with our annual Life Award.


It is common practice for our board at Cincinnati Right to Life to recognize someone every year who stands out as a hero in our local pro-life movement. As a pro-life Democrat, Mr. Rhodes has always been outspoken and proud of his support for the unborn – even though those around him have become increasingly pro-abortion. He has been endorsed by our Cincinnati Right to Life PAC time and time again because of his efforts for our cause.


Jack Hart, President of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, addressed Mr. Rhodes last night, saying, "Dusty, if there's any hope that the Democratic party can return to its historical roots and once again be a great political party that is the true voice of the voiceless, it is only because of the unwavering efforts of men and women of principle - like you."


Mr. Rhodes expressed his gratitude and graciously accepted the award. You can watch the presentation of this award and Mr. Rhodes' acceptance speech below in our recorded virtual event.


Award segment begins at 28:28





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