Thank you to all who joined the Mini March for Life on Sunday, January 16! Despite the threat of a major winter weather event and thankfully after a historic playoff win by the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday, several hundred defenders of life gathered peacefully to pray and edify one another in the fight for life. We can cheer on a home team and we can cheer on defending unborn life!

Father Ethan Moore, pastor of St. Monica/St. George and Holy Name parishes began the frigid event with prayer on the grounds of Holy Name Church, less than four blocks from the largest abortion facility in Hamilton County. Father Ethan reminded us all of the Holy Name of Jesus and the holiness of each unborn baby being carried by their mother, a son or daughter with extreme value and worth. Life is sacred and worth fighting and praying for every day. We thank Father Ethan for his vibrant holiness and passionate stand on life. We thank the parish community for allowing us to park and gather at their beautiful parish. Beginning our life trek on the ground of the Lord's holy space affirms the continued efforts of all who carry on year after year.

U.S. Senate candidate J. D. Vance, a Catholic husband as well as a father of three, including a newborn baby girl, joined us in marching and praying. J. D. shared a personal witness of knowing of abortion harming his childhood community and being a real loss for all who experience and choose this tragedy. J. D. also shared with the group, his not being able to explain to his own children why someone would not want to have a baby while his family is living the joy of a newborn daughter. We are grateful J. D. took the time to join the fight for life and for his prayerful witness.

The crowd was filled with youth groups from local parishes including St. Gertrude's as well as students from University of Cincinnati and Xavier University. While all the "veteran" life warriors carry on in this most important witness, seeing the next generation show up to keep the defense of life going, is a beautiful witness.

We thank Students for Life representatives for bringing signs and organizing the efforts of local groups of young people. A new national poll was released in January by Students for Life of America. Conducted the first week of January 2022 by Vinea Research, it showed that Millennials & Gen Z, 31% of the electorate, are headed in the pro-life direction. The young people at our local Mini March for Life certainly testify to this truth.

As we gathered and prayed the rosary in front of Planned Parenthood, the crowd also heard strong words of wisdom from Henry Flowers, former Outreach Director of Protecting Black Life, and current pastor and author. Henry was especially strong on advising our young people to stay the course and speak truth about life. We must never forget that truth is on the side of life.

This weekend, there are several more pro-life gatherings to honor the 63 million American lives lost to abortion since 1973.

On Saturday, January 22 at 11:00 a.m. in front of Cincinnati City Hall, a prayer procession and rosary to Fountain Square will begin. Cincinnati ProLife Committee

On Sunday, January 23 at 2:00 p.m., Butler County Right to Life will be hosting a peaceful prayer event and invite all to join. Butler County Right to Life of Ohio (

May 2022 be the last year of federalized legal killing of the unborn in America. We pray for a renewed respect for the unborn to begin in our nation and for all life to be cherished from womb to tomb.