February 4 2021


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Celebrate Cincinnati and Celebrate LIFE!


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Hamilton County Elected Ohio Judge Blocks
Fetal Remains Bill for Second Time

SB 27 was passed in both Ohio's House and Senate and then was signed into law by Governor DeWine in December 2020. The Bill requires proper treatment of aborted fetal remains in Ohio. Right now, the bodies of these tiny children are discarded as infectious waste.

Judge Hathaway (D) an elected Common Pleas judge in Hamilton County issued an injunction that will continue to permit the mistreatment of the tiniest of bodies.


Responding to a pro-abortion OB GYN:
A preborn baby is not merely a ‘potential’ human.

A pro-abortion OB/GYN recently commented on an article authored in 2020 for The Pro-Life Rose...

"[N]o matter the numbers, if even one woman dies, that is one needless death. […] You may say the number of unborn children far outweighs the number of women dying from illegal abortions; hell the number of women dying from legal abortions is significant compared to those dying from illegal ones. 

My belief is that 12-week-old fetuses have only the potential of human life. You may say I’m rationalizing that I am killing babies […] The way I see it, saving a life is worth a hundred possibilities.

Pro-lifers must reject the premise of weighing the lives of the mothers against the lives of the babies. Mothers and their preborn children aren’t mortal enemies. One or the other doesn’t have to die. They can both live. Read more here



Pro Life Laws Save Heartache and Prevent Abortion

From the National Review

"This week, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission released abortion data for September 2021, the first full month in which the Texas Heartbeat Act was in effect. The data illustrate that the new law, which protects preborn children after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, has significantly reduced the incidence of abortion in the Lone Star State." Read more here

Cincinnati Right to Life works tirelessly with courage and commitment to ensure life is protected in Ohio. We are a team, and all of our members and supporters make the diligence and hard work a reality. We need to stay in this battle. Lives depend on our combined zeal-filled efforts. We thank you and invite you to carry on and even join in more if you can. We are an email or phone call away.