October 24, 2020

Contact: Meg (Wittman) DeBlase


Candidate for State Rep Jean Schmidt Strongly Pro-Life

Endorsed by the Cincinnati Right to Life PAC!

It was Jean Schmidt's mother that inspired her to be active in the fight against abortion. She encouraged her daughter to accompany her to the State House to testify against abortion when she was a student. It was then she realized the power we have to end this loss of life.  


As a public servant Jean has always worked to end abortion. When she was in the State Legislature, she successfully added a provision in the budget to essentially end Planned Parenthood’s ability to spend Title X dollars by stating those dollars had to first go to the 88 Ohio County Boards of Health before they could     go to Planned Parenthood. Much has changed since then but given the opportunity to once again serve in the Ohio Legislature, Jean will work tirelessly to stop these tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood.


Jean served as the President of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati when she left the Ohio Legislature. As a member of Congress she became the head of the Women’s Pro-Life Caucus. She actively supported legislation that would end abortion, and also entertained students who went to the Pro-Life March every January by providing lunch, and if time provided, a tour of the Capitol.

Protesting abortion has been part of Jean's life. Her fondest memories are with her mother standing in front of Planned Parenthood after her chemotherapy treatments praying a Rosary.  Jean continues to stand in protest on Auburn Avenue and with the Pro-Life Chain on Beechmont Avenue.


The Schmidt family farm has been decorated with Pro-Life messages for years. Occasionally they have had the opportunity to help put up crosses on the farm to remind their neighbors of the atrocity of abortion.


Jean has never strayed from protecting life. Our Constitution gives us the right to life, from inception to natural death. She will not stop until we end this senseless murder of human life.



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