July 8, 2021
Contact: Meg DeBlase

Fetal Remains Found in Ohio Dumpster

The baby's severed limbs were wrapped in a blood-stained sheet

(Cincinnati, OH) - Yesterday, Ohio Right to Life, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society held a press conference revealing the gruesome discovery of the remains of an aborted baby callously tossed in a dumpster outside the Northeast Ohio Women's Center in Cuyahoga Falls. It is estimated the baby was about 17 weeks gestation when aborted. The baby's identifiable body parts of a left leg, left foot, and right hand were wrapped in a bloody sheet along with other unidentifiable parts. It is clear the baby was subjected to a dismemberment abortion. Medical waste and patient records were also found in the trash.

You can watch the press conference and see images here.

In December of 2020, Governor Mike DeWine signed Senate Bill 27 requiring the humane disposition of fetal remains. However, the Ohio Department of Health has yet to publish rules for proper disposal, and the law has been tied up in court. It is important to note however, that prior to the passage of Senate Bill 27, there was already a requirement in the Ohio Revised Code for basic humane disposal of fetal remains. (Senate Bill 27 was necessary to create more specific guidelines around that requirement.) Throwing this child's dead body into a dumpster violates the humane disposal law that has been in place in our state for years.

"The heartbreaking nature of this discovery is a harsh reminder of the reality of abortion," said Meg DeBlase, Executive Director of Right to Life Greater Cincinnati. "Under the cover of the law, every day, unborn babies are torn apart limb by limb until they die. Let this little one serve as a reminder of the humanity of over 20,000 babies who are sacrificed to the god of choice every year in our state. We join our pro-life colleagues across the state in calling for the closure of the Northeast Ohio Women's Center. We pray that some small measure of justice may be done for this little one murdered and disposed of in such an inhumane way."

Other violations of the facility include improper disposal of medical waste (regulated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency), and discarded patient records revealing information that is protected under HIPPA.

This little one's broken body is now in the custody of a local funeral director and will be given a humane burial.