The Biggest Decision in the History of the Court

This week the pro-life community was given some incredible news. Could the disastrous Roe vs Wade decision finally be overturned? We await with cautious optimism as the United States Supreme Court grapples with an unprecedented leak of the Dobbs case decision currently being drafted. If the Court maintains its current decision that was leaked, the abortion debate could return to the states no later than June. This turn of events is something thousands of us have been praying for since 1973. Did you know--The first legal abortion in Ohio was performed in February of that year, less than a month after the Roe decision was announced?

What would be the impact if Roe Vs Wade were to be overturned? The wording of the decision as it was leaked sends the abortion debate back to the states for the people and their elected leaders to decide. Currently in Ohio, we have nothing in place to deal with such a scenario. As of today, we have several laws languishing in the courts. The Heartbeat law that was passed in 2019, makes abortions illegal upon the detection of the Heartbeat (the bill cites through abdominal ultrasound) which could be as early as 6 weeks for most ultrasounds. Of course, the law would rely on the "accuracy" of the abortionists' ultrasound. What would happen to that law in a post-Roe world? Would the Heartbeat law become the law of Ohio? How many babies would that save based on abortionists' ultrasounds and the exceptions written into the law? We do not know for sure, but certainly, not all would be saved that is certain. 3000? 1000? We can do better than that. We need to do better than that.  One of the most repeated comments we hear from lawmakers is, "we have passed so many pro-life laws over the years." Yet, as of today, Ohio is not prepared to protect the unborn in a post-Roe world. See our chart below on Ohio's abortion-regulating "success" in recent years.

We need to be asking our legislators to pass a bill, that does not "nibble around the edges" of abortion, that does not regulate abortion, but ENDS it once and for all, without exceptions. See more below.