April is Abortion Recovery Month

In America, it is estimated that between 1 in 3 and 1 in 4 women, 45 and over, are post-abortive. This "secret" is often kept buried, hidden and unhealed. Men are also impacted by the loss of their unborn child.

As our nation moves closer to outlawing the legal killing of preborn children in all 50 states in all nine months, the need for mercy, healing and recognition of this scourge on families will be great.

May we direct all those we know and love and all those we encounter, to sources of compassion and forgiveness. Rachel's Vineyard is the largest abortion recovery ministry ready to serve. Surrendering the Secret is another ministry that helps men and women with the loss of their child from abortion. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati offers Project Rachel with a confidential local hotline. 513-784-0531

Through our efforts, Cincinnati Right to Life works not only to defend unborn children, but also to protect their mothers and fathers from living a life of sorrow and regret because of the loss of a son or daughter from an abortion decision.