All Six Ohio Surgical Abortion Clinics Operate Under EXPIRED LICENSES

Another reason to VOTE FOR LIFE! (As if we needed one!)

Governor Mike DeWine's Ohio Department of Health has allowed all six of Ohio's surgical abortion facilities to operate with expired licenses. Most expired more than THREE YEARS AGO according to the ODH website

Surgical Abortion Facility          Expiration Date

Planned Parenthood Cincinnati                     05/31/2019
Women's Med Dayton                                    11/30/2020
Planned Parenthood Columbus                     12/31/2018
NE Ohio Women's Center Cuyahoga Falls     03/31/2019
Planned Parenthood Cleveland                     12/31/2018
Preterm Cleveland                                         03/31/2019


In the case of the abortion clinic in Dayton (ordered closed in 2016 under the Kasich Administration), Governor DeWine's first Director of Health, Amy Acton, granted the clinic a new license simply by allowing it to change its name. That facility remains open today, with an expired license, killing about 50 babies each week.

Ohio's abortion clinics remained open with no constraints during the COVID emergency, while the DeWine Administration was shutting down restaurants, barber shops, hair salons, dentist offices, and numerous other small businesses.

During the global pandemic of 2020, abortions in Ohio rose 3%. 2020 is the first year in Ohio's history where more people died than were born. If Ohio abortion clinics had been shut down, just like hair and nail salons, LIVES WOULD HAVE BEEN SAVED.