June 16, 2021
Contact: Meg DeBlase

Act Now for Medical Conscience Protections!

Contact House Speaker Bob Cupp​​​​​​​
The Ohio legislature will soon pass our next two year budget bill. But, a new amendment to establish conscience protections for medical professionals is at risk!


Doctors and medical professionals across the state may be asked by groups or hospitals to perform procedures against their moral and/or religious beliefs. Among other things, this amendment affords them protection from lawsuits if they refuse to perform a certain type of procedure like an abortion, a gender transition, etc. The opponents to this language are weaponizing this simple protection clause, as an "anti-inclusion" talking point for LGBTQ and pro-abortion advocates.

Please contact Ohio House Speaker Bob Cupp and urge him to protect those medical professionals who truly want to live by their oath "TO DO NO HARM."

Contact Speaker Bob Cupp now!

Call his office number at 614-466-9624 

Or e-mail him at

Here is a guide for your e-mail or conversation:

Speaker Cupp, please keep the medical conscience clause language in the Ohio budget. With so many recent attacks on religious freedom, it is critical that we protect our medical professionals' rights. We support our tax dollars being used for life-affirming, life-saving, and life-sustaining programs We support any and all language in the Ohio budget that protects LIFE. Thank you.

If you would like to contact other Ohio House leaders, see here