Cincinnati Right to Life has summer dates available to display the white crosses.  The summer of 2022 will be one of history. Prolifers will be called to witness the truth and shower our culture with mercy, love and empathy. The Cemetery of the Innocents is an opportunity to impact the culture and remind the world of the missing children in our nation through the legal murder that has occurred for 49 years.


It is the time.


Cemetery of the Innocents began in 1996 in Greater Cincinnati as The Way of the Crosses at St. Agnes Church in Northern Kentucky. During the summer, the Richard and Jean Anne VonHandorf family made 2,000 crosses and another 2,000 were made by Tim Reese and his friends. The 4,000 crosses represent the number of babies who die every day from abortion in the United States.


The crosses have been set up at hundreds of churches, schools, & other locations around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.


The VonHandorfs and the Sendlebachs have very generously donated their sets of crosses to Cincinnati Right to Life. Both displays include attractive signage and/or banners that provide help information to those considering an abortion or suffering from past decisions.




The crosses were created for and continue to be:

1) an educational tool for the general public

2) informational help for those considering abortion

3) a source of healing for those dealing with past abortions


The visual impression lasts a life time. Cemetery of the Innocents emphasizes that those remembered are valued and loved in our society.


The intangible is made real. Many people cannot comprehend or simply don’t believe the high number of abortions performed locally or nationwide. This display uses actual abortion statistics to show the true loss of lives.


Healing is given to the hurting. Over the years people have called or written letters saying that seeing the crosses has prompted them to seek closure for their personal experience with abortion or loss of a child. A phone number is posted so that women can confidentially call and seek either pregnancy help or post-abortion counseling.




We have been blessed with very dedicated volunteers who build, help setup, and store the Cemetery of the Innocents displays. However, we need your help to continue to educate the public and help women, men, and their families.




Sacred Heart Church,

Thank you for your precious Cemetery for Innocence. It so touched my heart last year and made me think. Long ago, I made a terrible mistake and aborted my Child. I cannot get my baby back, but if my letter would just save one young girl from the pain I’ve known, it would be worth it. Thank you all so much.

Today, I took my Baby flowers. I just wanted to thank the Church. Lord forgive me. Bring me peace.

I will sign no name,

I am joined by many

unnamed girls & women




If you would like more information or to schedule the Cemetery of the Innocents, please contact:


For a set of 400, 800 or 1200 crosses (available immediately, for small areas)

For a set of 2,000 to 4,000 crosses (available starting Sept. 2022, for large areas)


Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, Inc.



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