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Date & Time
Sunday, October 4, 2020 - 2:00pm
Location & Venue
Government Service Building, 345 High Street, Hamilton, Ohio

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It’s not too late to mark your calendars to participate in the 2020 “LIFE CHAIN”
Prayer Event! LIFE CHAIN is a national 90-minute prayer event that Butler
County Right to Life is bringing to the City of Hamilton. Over 1,000 prayer chains
will be formed across our United States as hundreds of thousands of Christians will
stand in prayerful support of unborn children’s right to life. This is a great
opportunity to be a “live link”, in unity with the corporate Church, praying for an
end to the abortion holocaust. Mask-wearing encouraged and signs provided.
Questions? Call Patty Newman at (513) 777-2792 or visit LifeChain.org.